Sino Link (Holdings) Ltd. is the flagship of Sino Link Group, one of the leading industrial material distributors in the world, with strong presence in the Greater China and USA markets. Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong.

With a network of 11 offices, and over 180 staff worldwide, our team of dedicated professionals offers customers and suppliers a level of service that is positively top-flight.

SinoLink also has substantial interests and operations in the real estate sector and fashion private label arena.

Distribute polyolefin materials for major producers
Distribute high-performance plastic compounds, and custom-formulated engineered plastic compounds.
Provide just in time service to manufacturers in China.
Distribute flat products for major steel mills in Asia.
Distribute metal and related finished products.
Offer project consultation.
Implement plant management.
Distribute high-end yarn.
Design, manufacture and sell through Krorayna shops.

Finding the right material at the right price, and delivering on time

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Transforming Packaging. Concept to Solution.

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Craftsmanship, sophistication, elegance; these ideals and principles were firmly etched into the hearts and minds of those who choose to seek out Krorayna.

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